Atlanta Metro Area Suffers Crippling Red Light Camera Addiction

They don't help traffic at all, they just make money. Yay! PHOTO: Horia Varlan

ATLANTA–Local municipalities are regretting their decision to try red light cameras now that the full danger of dabbling in the devices is becoming clear. Though the long term effects of red light camera abuse are still being researched, there is irrefutable evidence that they have no effect on improving traffic.

As reported by the AJC, a local Atlanta newspaper normally fixated only on death, the city of Roswell is rethinking red light cameras.

After generating close to $1.6 million in profits the first three years, Roswell’s traffic camera program has lost about $26,000 over the past two years.

“We’re just like any municipality,” said Rose Willian, Roswell head of traffic planning, “We are not above bleeding our citizens dry as long as we can pretend it is happening in the name of safety. Now we’re losing money, though. Probably have to cancel some science programs or something.”

Red light cameras represent a quick cash infusion for a city, but the money drops off sharply as residents learn where the cameras are and amend their driving habits accordingly. Soon, the city finds itself installing more cameras to cover the costs of the first, and the situation often snowballs from there.

Willian warns other municipalities to avoid the siren song of quick cash red light cameras promise.

“It’s not worth it,” she said. “Red light cameras. Not even once.”