Atlanta Man Sets Record Waiting 36-hours For Brunch

Nothing makes bunch taste better than a good old fashioned wait. Except maybe bacon. PHOTO: Diego Gonzales, Flickr

ATLANTA — After over a day and a half of waiting, Pete Abred, 33, raised his hands in triumph upon entering the Crawling Pancake Cafe on Sunday.

“I made it!”, said the Duluth native clad in a space blanket for warmth as he broke the Guiness Book World Record for waiting in line for brunch.  “Dreams do come true!”

Abred waited a record 36 hours, 3 minutes breaking the former brunch line record of 35 hours and 59 minutes set by Minnie Bike of Marietta back in 2009.

“I’ve sacrificed a lot…friends, relationships, jobs.” Abred added choking back tears and a cup of coffee. “People said I was crazy.”  Abred said he had been the subject of taunts by people who wondered why anyone would wait in line so long when they could make eggs at home.

“They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but Pete really walks the walk, ya know?” said Crawling Pancake hostess, Doris Closed.

Abred spent months training in the lines of the city’s popular breakfast restaurants.  His regiment included attempting brunch on holidays such as Mothers’ Day and Easter without a reservation.

His dreams were almost derailed when, thirty-four hours in and delirious from low blood sugar and smell of fresh baked biscuits, Abred almost threw in the towel when Closed said there was a table for one available.

“I really wanted to quit, but a champion fights through biology and good ol’ fashioned common sense for trivial pursuits.”  Abred declined and powered through the final hours and  into the history books.

“All I had on my mind was how good the crab cake benedict was going to taste.  That thought kept me going.”, Abred added.   In the end Closed informed him that they were out of the crab cakes.  A dejected Abred had to settle for a Denver omelette salted only with his tears.


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