Atlanta Explained Show Notes & Audio – Jan 2nd show w/ guest April Whitt


A few months ago, we took a show idea to our friends at the Village Theatre, and they not only liked it, but they polished and improved it far beyond its original conception. That idea is now our live show Atlanta Explained.

Thanks to friend of the show Julie Orloff for the photo of your host cheesin’ at right, with the brand-new-for-this-show host’s desk, which he was obliged to build for himself.

We had a great show Saturday night, during which we learned a lot. For example, we learned that sometimes jokes the show host loves quite a lot — because he thinks he’s quite clever — don’t do as well in front of an audience as he might like.

Then we learned that Georgia fell short of the all-time 30 year rainfall records in 2015, but we held a small rally to pump ourselves up to beat the rainfall totals in 2016. Listen to the clip below (1m22s) to check it out.

Then we moved into our segment known as Future Past, during which our brilliant improvisors show us either the story behind select news items or their eventual conclusions.

Here they delve into the Spanish department student recruitment procedures at Amherst college, which are questionable, but titillating nonetheless (3m0s).

Last, but far from least, we were joined by local astronomer and educator April Whitt, who delighted us with tales from outer space, and even told much better jokes than some buffoon calling himself the show’s host. This is her interview in its entirety (13m50s).

Thanks to the brilliant men and women at Village Theatre, to April Whitt for generously agreeing to share her time with us, and to all who came out! Your support means a ton. Look out for our next show, being planned at this very moment.

And visit Fernbank. If you haven’t been there you’ll be amazed at how great it is. Want to see the actual Apollo 6 capsule? Hell yeah you do! Go to Fernbank!

If you have been there, you’ll be amazed a second time.