Atlanta Could Be First to Host Both Summer and Winter Olympics

Atlanta Watersports 1996

ATLANTA, GA–With the Sochi Winter Olympics underway, cities around the world are vying to be the next to host both summer and winter modern Olympic games. Atlanta is no different. But the changing winter climate in Atlanta has prompted the city to submit itself as a host city not only for another summer games, but for a winter games as well.

Atlanta Olympic Committee chairperson Rhonda Perry-Meeter spoke with Atlanta Banana reporters this morning via phone.

“I don’t want to light my own torch here, but we did a great job hosting the summer games in 1996,” said Perry-Meeter, Dahlonega native and mother of two boys. “Now that we have snow and ice too, we’re a perfect choice for the winter games.”

Ms. Perry-Meeter pointed out that the 1996 games brought many millions of dollars of business to the area, and said that the homeless people who were rounded up and bussed to Birmingham, AL in preparation for the games “stayed there for the most part.”

The Committee’s winter games proposal details plans for Stone Mountain’s Winter Wonderland to be expanded upon to produce downhill skiing courses, slopestyle courses, and bobsled facilities. Cross Country skiers will compete through Midtown, using Peachtree Street (the main one).

When asked to confirm that there would be snowboarding on Stone Mountain, the Chairperson said “That’s where they stand sideways on one big fat ski, right? Yep, we’ll have that.”

“What we really want, though, is a chance to redo our opening ceremony from 1996,” said Perry-Meeter. “We kinda blew it on that one.”