Atlanta City Council Passes Resolution Urging Media to Pay Attention to City Council

PHOTO: John Ramspott

ATLANTA–The city council passed a resolution last night urging that members of the media spend more time reporting on the city council. Brushing aside concerned citizens with zoning or other regulations issues, members of the council discussed at length how important they, the city council, are to the city, thus necessitating near-constant reporting by the media.

The resolution comes on the heels of local news that seemed at first to not be related to the city council, but the council bravely turned attention back to themselves by way of resolution.

District 13 representative Nicole Blarps summarized the text of the resolution, known as the Hey Look Over Here Resolution, to assembled media.

“If any news happens in this city, it happens because of us,” said Blarps. “As a result, our faces should be more or less constantly visible in the local media.”

Blarps went on to point out that it is the media’s job to pollenate city politicians careers with media attention so that they can flower into state politicians, and from there into national office if everything goes right.

“We are happy to welcome local TV and print news media into our chambers at any time,” said Blarps, “But we’d prefer national outlets. Bloggers and new media are welcome outside.”