Atlanta Banana’s Fall in Atlanta Pickup Lines


We here at the Atlanta Banana realize that our readers love hard hitting news, but they love doin’ it even more. That’s why we reached out far and wide to our correspondents for some Fall in Atlanta pickup lines to spice up any dating scene.

Take a look at the list below, memorize them, find a target rich area, and spout these gems as fast as you can, one after another, until sex happens to you. Which, by the way, it definitely will.

– Let’s go outside the perimeter and see if your Roswell really is haunted.

– Unlike the city, I wanna fill all your potholes.

– I am hereby rezoning your entire area… for SEX.

– Baby, I want to exlore all your Peachtree Streets

– As soon as this football game ends, I am gonna foreplay you hastily and then fall asleep.

– Let me introduce you to some legislation I call T-SLUTS.