Atlanta Banana Live Show Sound Man Search

Editor is latin for "editor."
Editor is latin for “editor.”

We are going to put on a live show again, and we’re looking for a sound artist. But this position is ideally more than just someone who lurks in the back of the room and asks people not to lean on the mixing console.

The ideal candidate would be part DJ, part sound designer, part foley artist, and part recording engineer. Their creative input would directly help shape our efforts.

The most important thing is that you’re interested in being a part of the show. We’d rather have an excited party who is interested in developing something interesting with us than a bored expert.

Our live show will premiere on June 13th. If it goes well, we’ll talk about making it a monthly show, but for now we’re just going to give it a shot.

Interested? Hit us up! or 404 492 9692