Airport Police Question African American Man Reading Newspaper Near White Guy Walking Around with Assault Rifle

PHOTO: Karl Baron

ATLANTA, GA–Airport police say that an African American gentleman seen reading a newspaper near a gun rights enthusiast was questioned and released yesterday. The African American man, whose name was not released, was said to be “within suspicious range” of the gun rights activist, who brought a loaded assault rifle with a high capacity magazine to the airport as a political demonstration.

“We followed procedure to the letter,” said Lt. Dangile, APD. “We parked our tank at a respectable distance, and turned off the speakers blasting death metal so the individual’s responses could be heard.”

The gentleman was asked to place his newspaper carefully on the ground, where it could be safely detonated before any officers received a paper cut “incidental or otherwise.”

No charges have been filed, but sources close to the Police department say an invoice for spent tank fuel, helicopter fuel, and explosives will be filed.