Adult Hopscotch & See Saw Athletes To Compete In Atlanta

Years of training, discipline and sacrifice culminate in one glorious moment.

ATLANTA–Teams of adults who competitively compete in children’s games will converge on Atlanta this weekend for the first Adult Hopscotch and See Saw Nationals. Elimination rounds will be held in the Georgia Dome beginning at 8am on Saturday and are scheduled to complete with a closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

One team is travelling all the way from Portland, Oregon to participate in the first of what they hope to be an annual event.  

“We can’t wait, man,” said Chad “The Spaz” Farber of Portland’s Skinned Knees Team, who will travel via a 1979 VW bus across the country. “We’re coming to represent our city and to prove that we’re serious athletes.”  When asked about other popular adult games like Ultimate or Kickball, Farber would only laugh until he needed several doses from his asthma inhaler to catch his breath.

The city is bracing for an increase in traffic on Friday as teams from across the U.S. arrive.  Atlanta police have scheduled extra officers to be on duty this weekend but mostly to deter the general public from pointing and laughing during the events.