A Short List of Pork Related Puns for Use in Covering The Overturned Ham Truck

PHOTO: John Spink/AJC

HAMLANTA, GA–If you’ve been following local news this morning, you know that a ham truck crashed in South Fulton early this morning, spilling its contents: Christmas Hams. We have a policy of never making jokes about situations in which someone has died or been seriously injured, but our friends at the AJC report that the driver isn’t too badly banged up. We wish him a speedy recovery.

That said, we understand that our traditional news media friends may be casting about for some ham related puns to use when describing the story, especially since the Old Southern Grey Lady, the AJC, already snagged “Ham Jam.”

Here’s a list we honey baked just for you. If you like one, feel free to use it, and go forth into your holiday season with good cheer whatever your religio-political beliefs may be.

If you’re reading this and you can think of any better puns, oink em out. Twitter hamtag #hamjam.

Our list so far:
Hey! You can’t pork that here!
That’s a lotta Jean Claude van Hamage.
The way this guy drives is really bacon people nervous.
Who let the hams out? Who? Who? Who? Who? Who?
If you’re feeling tired, pull over to the pork shoulder.
He came in like a wrecking truck.
Oh, the Hamanity