2015 Logo Redesign is Here


We’ve been working hard on a logo update to celebrate three years of being Atlanta’s serious news hole, and we think the above image captures the our spirit.

But of course, it’s easier to imagine a new logo as it would appear in the real world, so we’ve come up with some conceptual artwork just like the big boys do with those Falcons and Braves stadium images.

Here’s what it would look like as a cloud over midtown.


And, of course, how our new logo would look stenciled into Krog Tunnel. Not that you should stencil it into Krog Tunnel. We wouldn’t condone any disturbances to photo shoots taking place there, let alone disruption to the thriving cocaine trade at 97 Estoria.


Hope you like the new logo, gang. Tee shirts? Hats? Ill advised tattoos? Anything is possible.